Guide for International Students
Library Hours
【Regular Hours】
Mon.-Fri. 9:00-22:00 / Sat. 9:00-19:00
<Free Reading Room(Central Library)>
Mon.-Fri. 9:00-22:30

【Holiday Hours】
Mon.-Fri. 9:00-17:00 / Sat.9:00-16:00
*Free Reading Room is closed.

Sundays, National Holidays, During University festival, Summer and Winter vacation.

★All schedule changes will be posted on the board of library's calendar. Please visit the Calendar.

Circulation <Undergraduate>
  Checkout Limits Loan Period Renewal
 Book for study 10 2 weeks Available
 KB materials *1 5 2 weeks Available
 Book for thesis *2 5 3 months No

 *1 Textbooks for junior high and high school, English side reader
 *2 You may need to follow a special procedure to borrow books. Please apply at the circulation desk.

 Bring the book and your student ID to the circulation desk within the period of the loan.

 When the book is checked out at Shonan campus, you can reserve it at the circulation desk.

 Return all books by the due date to the circulation desk. Please use the book drop outside the library entrance when we are closed.

Penalty for overdue books
You will be prohibited from borrowing and researving books for a given period depend on how many days the books are overdue.

Computers in the library
 ▲For TIME-OPAC exclusive use
  You can search for all books and materials available at the Tokai University libraries. However, the computers cannot be used for Internet access.

 ▲For information search use
  You can  use the Internet, word processing and spreadsheet software and databases. You need your ID and password issued by Information Technology Center when you log in.

Search materials
 You can search all books and materials available at the Tokai university libraries. Please visit the Search.
 Books are almost located at "Open-stack" (開架) and "Closed-stack" (書庫/閉架). You can find books freely at Open-stack.Please apply at the circulation desk with your student ID and printing on TIME-OPAC screen information when you use books in the Closed-stack.
  Books are classified by subject area. The call numbers are arranged in numerical and alphabetical orders.

smileys:You have to provide compensation for the book in case of missing, defacing and damaging books. Please report it to the circulation desk ASAP.

Copy service
You can use a copy machine for copying ONLY library materials in accordance with copyright restrictions.
【Charge】 Black and White ¥10 per sheet / color ¥50 per sheet
 Prepaid copy card ¥1,000 (143 black and white copies can be made.)

Journals / Newspapers / AV
 You are only allowed to read  and photocopy them in the library.
 Photocopying is limited by the Copyright Law.
 *We provide newspapers with the reduced edition and databases and so on.
 <Newly arrived journals>
 We place the current issues of journals and back issues from the past year at the Open-stack periodical corner.
 <Back number journals>
 There are back numbers journals at the Colosed-stack. Please apply at the circulation desk when you use them.
 ▲Audio-visual materials
 Audio-visual materials can only be used in the library. When you use them, please go to the circulation desk.
 *Only music score can be borrowed.

The library does not have the book you look for
 ▲Order a copy from another library
 You can order a copy of the article from another library. It takes about 1-2 weeks to receive it. (Charged)
 ▲Borrow a book from another library
 You can borrow a book from another library. It takes about 1-2 weeks to receive it. (Charged partly)
 ▲Visit and use the materials at another library or research institution
 You can visit and browse the materials at another library or research institution. You need a letter of introduction to visit the library or the insitution. Please apply for it at the Information desk which the data you will vist.
 *Please make inquiries about details at the information desk.