How to use library material from off-campus

The Library offers several content options (e-journal, e-books and databases) to support home study.

==First, what's the Library like?== 
  A brief introduction to the university library --- 図書館案内(湘南校舎).pdf  (Japanese only)
  * The Central Library is now closed due to relocation for seismic work to Building No.4. The introduction 
     to the Libraries in Building No.11, 12 and 13. 

==Using electronic resources from off-campus== 
  E-journals, e-books and databases contracted by the Library are available for use from home or off-
  campus. You will need to download the appropriate software or app for your computer, tablet or
  smartphone and set up your VPN in advance. Some sites may not be compatible with smartphone
   ----- Click here for more information on how to set up your VPN 

   ▲ Click here for more information how to use Library-contracted electronic resources from off-campus.
       --- リモートアクセス2020.pdf   (Japanese only)
   ▲ Click here for how to search for papers from off-campus.
       ---  リモートアクセスを活用した論文の探し方.pdf  (Japanese only)

   #Available databases 
   You can access the Datavase Guide  from off-campus via your VPN if you see the icon in the "remarks"
   If  the number of simutaneous accesses is indicate in the remarks column, the maximum number of
   accesses does not change even with your VPN connection. Also, if you do not log out and exit the
   system, the connection will remain active for a certain period of time. Please do not click on the "X"
   button in the upper right corner of the browser screen, and do not close the browser, as others will
   not be able to use it.

==Database and Service Expansion (for a limited time)== 
   Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, here are some electronic resource trials that will be available
   during this period, as well as services that each database provider is expanding its available to 
   include. For more information, go here.

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   *Please note that we will be working on shifts from 13th April, so may not be able to respond to you by