Registration of a doctoral thesis
  Registration of a doctoral thesis in 
  Tokai University Institutional Repository  

  <To those who apply for registration>

  ■About doctoral dissertations
   Due to an amendment of the degree rules, a person with degree granted by Tokai University after
   April 1, 2013 must register his/her doctoral dissertation in Tokai University Institutional Repository.
   We will inform the doctoral recipients directly how to register.
    Regarding the enforcement of the ministerial ordinance on revising degree rules  

  When publishing academic papers in the Tokai University Institutional Repository,
    it is necessary for all copyright holders to obtain permission for the following: 
    1. To perform duplication/file conversion to publish for free on the Internet.
    2. To make it public on the Internet free of charge.
    *The copyright remains as it is. The copyright will not be transferred.
    *The copyright work will not be altered. File conversion may be done to use or save, but the
     contents will not be modified.
    *Repository users are permitted to download and use files within the scope of copyright law.
      (The scope within the limitation of copyright law, such as reproduction for private use.)

  ■You can check the policy of academic societies and publishers on institutional 
    repositories on the following sites and others.
    Please note that even the same publisher may have different conditions for each journal.
    Please also check the website of each academic society and publisher for posting regulations
    of each journal. In addition, you may permitted to publish by negotiating individually.

    SHERPA/RoMEO Publisher copyright policies & self-archiving
    How to use journal articles published by the Elsevier : Practical guide
     →Refer to "the case where the author reuses papers published by Elsevier"

    Academic Society Copyright Policy Database

  ■PDF file format (PDF/A) is recommended by the National Diet Library for the format
    of the article file for registration application.
    For PDFcreation, click here →PDF.pdf.

   Please fill in the necessary information and send it to the Central Library.(Japanese only)
   hakushi_shinsei.pdf                  *Application form example→ sample.pdf

  For inquiries about the Tokai University Institutional Repository, please use the contact information below.
  Tokai University Central Library 
  TEL: 0463-63-4140