Registration of articles for a journal
 Registration of articles for a journal or bulletin 

 in Tokai University Institutional Repository

 A. Registration procedures for publication
   ◎Jounal Editing Committee    
    #1 or #2 on the list should be done in advance so that copyright
    (property rights) can be properly exercised.
    #1 Specify about copyright for authors in the instructions.
    #2 Indivisual licensing

  <Copyright related to Institutional Repository registration>
   Reproduction rights
   Digitization of booklets, Saving electronic data to server hard disk       
 ◎Journal Editing Committee  / Materials Review, Editonal Work
   ●Tokai University Press
   Production of Layout, PDF file and others
    PDF/A format (ISO 19005) recommended
    Do not set a password, access restrictions or usage restrictions.

    *For important points when creating PDF, click here →PDF.pdf
   ◎Journal Editing Committee
    Submission of required documents and files to the Library
    1.Full-text PDF file (CD-ROM containing it), 2.Tokai University 
     Repository registration application, 3.Excel form for bulk 
  ★If you do not wish to publish the content of a specific article
  Submit a document specifying the article to be excluded from publication
  Publish the article's bibliographic information such as the titile and authors
  *When submitting an Excel form for bulk registration, bibliographic
   informartion of articles to be excluded should be also included.
  *A PDF file is not necessary for articles to be excluded from publication.
  ★As for the journals through the Tokai University Press since Academic Year
    2017, there is a possibility that the printing company may have created a bulk
    registration Excel form at the time of printing. Please confirm with the Tokai
    University Press for the present or absence of the Excel form for bulk registration.
  *As for articles published before Academic Year 2017, the Excel form for bulk
   registration is prepared by the Journal Editing Committee.
  Institutional Repository Steering Committee Chairperson
   Acceptance of registration application
  Registration process in the Institutional Repository at the Tokai University Library.
 Tokai University Institutional Repository Registration
  Data collection and publication by National Institute of Informatics (NII)
   Publication for Japanese Institutional Repository Online (JAIRO) and
   CiNii Articles.

 B. About copyright      
    Copyright processing with Institutional Repository registration in mind.pdf
    (Japanese only)

 C. Application form
    Please fill in the necessary information and send the original copy to
    the Central Library. (This application should be submitted only for 
    first-time registrarion)
    Please download the form bellow. (Japanese only) 
   *Application form example.pdf
    Application form.pdf(PDF)
    Application form for printing.pdf(PDF)

  <Contact information>
  Tokai University Central Library
  TEL: 0463-63-4140
  ☆☆☆Frequency Asked Question☆☆☆
  Q1. Can I choose not to make one of the articles open to public?
  A1. Yes, you can. However, the article's bibliographic information would be 
        still registered and open in the Repository.

  Q2. I have published my articles on my department's website but do I still
        have to register them in the Repository?
  A2. By registering them in the Repository, your articles can be searched 
        for  on JAIRO and CiNii Articles. Publication of your research outcome 
        to the public will increase its exposure and boost visibility of your articles.
        Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
  Q3. How can I obtain the Excel form for bulk registration?
  A3. It is not posted on the website. Please contact the Library Information Office
        through the Journal Editing Committee.

  Q4. Do I need to submit my journal articles already published on the CiNii
        Articles to the library as well?
  A4. NII's support project to digitize research journal articles ended in Academic
        Year 2008. It is unneccessary to submit data for journal articles published 
        through CiNii Articles as of 2008 because they were provided to the Library
        by NII.
        The articles published on CiNii Articles are registered in the Institutional 
        Repository and are released as they come in. Since your article PDF is not
        available in the Library if it was published after Academic Year 2009, please
        submit it to us if you wish to register.